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Partner - Amanda Graham Clinical Hypnotherapy

Back to Basics Marketing is proud to work closely with Amanda who provides hypnotherapy services to people who want to change their mindset in many different ways. 

Hypnotherapy can help you focus your mind on work or personal priorities and also deal with managing stress, anxiety and burnout, whether it be work and career related or just generally relating to other aspects of life, for example comfort eating, drinking too much or dealing with conflict.

It is not a spiritual process, it is just providing practical solutions to problems all of us face in our day to day lives. It works by taking you into your subconscious mind which stores your long term memories and rational thoughts.

Find out more from her website.

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Amanda's Story

"Since I started my business, I have provided hypnotherapy services to clients for weight loss, help to stop smoking or stop food cravings, to reduce anxiety or stress, hypnotherapy to cure phobias and insomnia, improve confidence for career progression, deal with grief, deal with bereavement and to improve sports performance.


I have also helped young people deal with exam stress, eating disorders and general self-confidence. Hypnotherapy can help with more things than you realise.


Watching a client’s self-esteem and confidence grow is incredibly humbling and rewarding. My own life experiences have enabled me to understand the complexities and issues that affect “normal” daily life and as a result, I offer a non-judgmental approach to the person who comes to me for help. The sense of satisfaction I get after each successful program cannot be put into words. I would be delighted to work with you if you so choose."

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